Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes

All of the hype around mail-in DNA test kits is for good reason. Testing your genetics for important markers can help you catch and treat health issues early, as well as help you figure out your best diet. Our DNA testing services are fast, accurate, and potentially lifesaving. Continue reading “Health Conditions Passed Down Through Your Genes” »

DNA May Actually Contain Addiction Gene

Researchers have identified another gene that may influence an individual’s risk of opioid dependence. This adds further evidence that genetic factors play a crucial role in determining who develops an addiction. Continue reading “DNA May Actually Contain Addiction Gene” »

Is Happiness Genetic? 

Is Happiness Genetic

Is happiness hiding in your genes? Scientists who published a report in the Nature Genetics journal propose that some people may be predisposed toward a happier outlook. This doesn’t mean that people who don’t possess these particular genetic components are doomed to a life of sadness. Rather, it suggests insights into why some people appear to be predisposed to happiness.

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How Does a Baby Inherit Its Looks?


Expectant parents often spend hours imagining what their little ones will look like. Will they have mommy’s eyes, or daddy’s? Whose hair color will they inherit? Will the maternal or paternal traits win out? Or will there be a combination of both sides of the family?

Since there are often misconceptions about how a baby’s looks are inherited (including the myth that brown eyed parents can’t birth a blue-eyed baby, and vice versa), we are exploring how physical appearance is determined by our DNA.

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Can a Baby Have a Different Eye Color Than Both of His or Her Parents?

Eye Color

Despite the fact that most people study basic genetics in high school biology class, when it comes time for the practical application of these studies in real life, it can be difficult to remember the basics of genetics.

For example, one question we field sometimes when people consult us about paternity DNA testing? “Can two blue eyed parents have a brown eyed baby?”

There is definitely some confusion when it comes to this topic! Read on for the answer.

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