Unbelievable Results of Twin DNA Testing – You’ll Never Believe It!

Did you know that twins can have different fathers? No? Neither did many people until they heard the story of a set of Patterson, NJ twins with different fathers.

The rare occurrence was discovered after a mother of twin girls took the alleged father to court for child support. In order to rule in the case, Judge Sohail Mohammed ordered court-admissible DNA testing — and it revealed that the alleged father was only the father of one twin!

Two Twin Daughters With Different Fathers – How is it Possible?

How Can Twins Have Different Fathers?

Twin DNA testing determined that the mother’s egg were fertilized separately by two different men during one menstrual cycle. When the fertilized eggs implanted around the same time, she became pregnant with twins and assumed they were identical.

Zygosity Tests Determine Identical and Fraternal TwinsTwins

This case was resolved using twin DNA testing, like the kind offered at our Lee’s Summit lab. Zygosity tests are taken from the cheek. A simple swab identifies whether twins are identical or fraternal.

Identical twins come from a single fertilized egg. It spits into two parts which are identical. Fraternal twins come from two separate eggs like the NJ twins mentioned above. The eggs are fertilized and implanted in the uterus. When a mother has several sexual partners in a given week, the likelihood of two fathers for twins exists, making twin DNA testing necessary.

Placenta Examination Not Conclusive Enough

Twin DNA testing is far more accurate than having the delivering physician evaluate the placenta, as identical twins have the same DNA profiles but fraternal twins do not, despite sharing a womb.

Twin DNA Testing in Lee’s Summit

While many people may think twin DNA testing isn’t necessary, this NJ case proves that it is absolutely useful. Whether you are using twin DNA testing to verify paternity or to just see whether your newborns are fraternal or identical, our testing provides the answers you need.
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