Unexpected Uses of DNA Testing

To many people, DNA testing is synonymous with paternity testing. This oversimplified view of the process means that people often overlook many fascinating applications of DNA testing, including genealogical research, child DNA profiles, and forensic and legal uses.

To celebrate the countless ways that DNA testing can be used, we are exploring a few of the more unexpected uses of DNA!

You Can Use DNA Testing for What?!

Did They Cheat?

Overland Park | Unexpected Uses of DNA TestingNo need to call up a reality TV crew or a private investigator when you suspect that your spouse or significant other has been unfaithful — with infidelity DNA testing, you can learn if your partner cheated. Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can travel on-site to collect specimens or objects for testing, or you can discreetly bring the items or samples to our clean, walk-in lab facilities.We can test undergarments, trash, bedding, and other items.

While the results from infidelity DNA testing will not be court-admissible unless collected straight from the donor, we can provide assistance when you need to seek answers for legal proceedings, including filing for a fault divorce, which impacts alimony and child support payments, custody issues, and property and asset distribution.

Doggy Whodunnits

You’ve heard of DNA testing for forensic purposes when it comes to crimes — but probably not the crime of leaving behind doggy doo-doo. Some property management companies and even certain cities such as Boulder, CO have implemented or contemplated implementing dog poo DNA registries.

Basically, poo samples would be collected from dogs during licensing, then placed in the dog DNA database. Then any dog doo that was discovered would be processed at a DNA testing facility. Owners who failed to collect their dog’s waste in public or on shared property would be fined. So be aware — next time you let your dog’s doo lie, you might be caught by DNA testing!

Who Spat On Me?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is adding DNA testing to the list of bus drivers’ responsibilities. After countless instances of transit workers being spit on by passengers, New York City bus drivers will be equipped with DNA testing kits for collecting evidence. Similar programs have been implemented with success in Boston and in England, even leading to arrests.

Drivers can simply use swabs to collect the specimen from wherever it landed, seal it in the provided container, and submit the sample to police, who run it through their DNA database. Hopefully, the DNA testing can make bus rides more pleasant for drivers and passengers alike!

DNA Testing at Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit

No matter your need for DNA testing — however strange, unexpected, or sensitive — Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can handle the task. We are equipped to provide accurate, confidential DNA testing for any scenario.

To learn more about our DNA testing services, call Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit today at (816) 875-9301.

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