Three Ways DNA Specimens Can Be Compromised

If you are seeking a DNA test, it is likely for one of two reasons: either to satisfy your own curiosity or to use as evidence in legal proceedings. While you want reliable results in both cases, accuracy is especially crucial in legal cases, where the results can have serious consequences.

Because DNA test results have to be accurate to be used in court, not all DNA tests are legally admissible. Instead, only DNA tests that have a thoroughly documented chain of custody can be used in court. This requirement prevents DNA tests from becoming compromised, which usually happens in one of three ways.

How Might a DNA Test Be Compromised? (And How to Ensure It Doesn’t Happen to You)

1. DNA Specimens are Mishandled During the Collections Process

During collections, DNA specimens could become cross-contaminated or they could be collected from the wrong individual. They could be diluted or have things added to them. They could be collected unlawfully. A well-documented chain of custody prevents all of this.

2. DNA Specimens are Mishandled While in Transfer to the Lab

A well-documented chain of custody also helps ensure that DNA specimens are not left in extreme weather, tampered with, or modified in any way during their transfer to the lab.

Lee's Summit | Legal DNA testing | DNA Specimens3. DNA Specimens Mislabeled and Mixed Up

DNA specimens are never free from a risk of mishandling, even at the lab. A well-documented chain of custody helps ensure that all specimens are labeled clearly and correctly and that they are handled properly so the results are not mixed up.

Make Sure Your DNA Tests Are Handled Right

While DNA specimen mix-ups are rare, they have been known to happen. You can reduce your chances by choosing a very reputable lab that will document all procedures carefully. With DNA testing, the risk of getting a false result is not worth the money you would save by trying to do the test at home or by hiring the cheapest company. Use a professional, experienced lab for results you can trust! Visit Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit today or call us at (816) 875-9301 to learn more about our legal DNA testing!

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