Three Ways to Find Information About Your Native American Ancestors

When most people discover that they have Native American ancestors, they immediate think of better known tribes such as the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw or Seminole tribes.

While these tribes are most definitely a valid place to look for information about Native American ancestry, researching these tribes won’t help you if you come from a smaller, lesser known tribe.

Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit is sharing some tips for learning more about your Native American background.

Researching Native American Ancestry

Trace Back Generations

Instead of simply researching the most common tribes for evidence of your family, a better choice would be to trace your family ancestry back through the generations as far as you can. If your family has well-documented ancestry, you may be able to trace back several generations easily. Consult your family’s unofficial historians and family tree to learn more about the Native American roots you may have.

Look at Specific LocationsLee's Summit | Find Out About Native American Ancestry

In addition to using DNA testing, another method that you might try is researching the locations of the ancestors you do know in order to find out more about which tribe your family belonged to. For example, if your ancestors were in Oklahoma in the 1800s and in the Southeastern states before that, they may very well have been in one of the Five Civilized Tribes that followed the Trail of Tears. This information, when supplemented with your DNA testing information, can really help your search.

Use DNA Testing

Unfortunately, however, you are likely to come to a time when your ancestry is not as well documented. In times like these, using DNA testing can really help.

DNA testing isn’t just for establishing paternity for court cases today. Ancestry DNA testing is also a great way to find out more about your roots and where your family came from. By getting DNA testing yourself, you can learn a great deal about your ancestry, including which tribe your ancestors likely came from. The information from your DNA testing results can show you exactly where to look to find the information that you need.

DNA Testing in Lee’s Summit

If you are trying to look up information about your Native American ancestors, but you are feeling stuck, Test Smartly Labs of Lee’s Summit can help. Come to our walk-in facility for ancestry DNA testing and learn even more about your family’s background.

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