Why You Should Ask Family Members to Get a DNA Test

Think that DNA testing for your ancestry research begins and ends with yourself? Not so.

Even if you’ve already exhausted your resources when it comes to DNA testing, there’s another avenue to pursue: you can ask your relatives to get a DNA test, too.

You might assume that asking family members to get DNA testing is silly because they share a similar genetic makeup to yours. But even though you do share DNA with your relatives, each person has a unique, complicated mix of genes. And since you can unveil more about your family by identifying more DNA sources, the more relatives you should want to get DNA testing.

Here are some reasons why any ancestry research should involve asking relatives to get a DNA test.

How Relatives Can Further Your Ancestry Research With a DNA Test

Explore Maternal & Paternal BranchesFamily Tree

If you think of your DNA test results in terms of your family tree, you can see that with the more results you get from your family members, you learn exponentially more about your genetic history. Your tree starts with you, then branches to your maternal and paternal sides. Your DNA contains elements of both sides, but your parents only have DNA from their parents’ ancestors, and so on. So, by asking your own parents to get a DNA test, you can better analyze what parts of your DNA were inherited from maternal sources, and what parts were from paternal sources. If your grandparents are able to get DNA tests, you can further subdivide.

Extend Your Research by Decades

Asking the oldest living relative in your family tree for a DNA test can shed so much light on your genetic background. Getting a DNA test from your fourth cousin may help your genetic research a bit, but combining this DNA test result with your grandparent’s result, for example, will be more effective, since your fourth cousin is your grandparent’s second cousin. Studying DNA test results from an older generation allows you to make more confident conclusions about your extended family history.

Dive More Deeply Into Your Family Tree

By asking relatives to share their DNA test results with you, you can learn more about shared ancestors and potentially even discover new matches and branches of your family tree! You can also compare information to see what ethnic mixes you have vs. your siblings or cousins, and trace these ethnicities through your family tree.

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