What is Y-DNA, and Why Should I Know for My DNA Testing?

After spending time with your relatives after the holidays, are you more curious about your genetic background?

Whether you’re just starting your ancestry research or you have been digging into your family history for a while, it’s important that you know your DNA basics.

Today, we are exploring what Y-DNA is, and how DNA testing can help you gain information from your Y-DNA.

What is Y-DNA?

Sex Chromosomes

When we are conceived, we receive DNA from both of our parents: 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 chromosomes from our mother.

The 23rd chromosome received is termed the sex chromosome because it determines our sex. Mothers always provide an X chromosome, while fathers provide either an X or a Y. If you receive a Y chromosome from your father, you’re a boy; if you receive an X, you’re a girl.

Y-DNA TestsMale Relatives

So, since sons inherit Y chromosomes from their fathers, Y-DNA testing can be used to shed light on a family’s direct male line, meaning people can trace their lineage from son to father to grandfather to great-grandfather and so on.

Y-DNA testing is used to confirm biological relationships, pinpoint branches in the family tree, identify mutations in Y chromosome markers, confirm written genealogical history, estimate an individual’s haplogroup, and determine if family trees with the same or similar surnames are related.

Can I Get Y-DNA Testing?

Only men inherit the Y chromosome, so only they can pursue Y-DNA testing.

If you’re a woman looking for more information on your family’s male line, though, Y-DNA testing isn’t completely off limits to you. You can always ask a close male relative with your surname, such as a brother, uncle, father, or grandfather, to provide their DNA sample for you.

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