Bogota Twins Switched at Birth

Many mothers say the best day of their life is when their child was born. Mothers of twins get double doses of great memories. Those memories can quickly turn into terror when mistakes are made and children are sent home with the wrong parents. Sometimes the error isn’t realized until years later like in the case of two sets of twins from Bogota, Colombia. All four brothers were in for the shock of their lives when they each discovered that the twin he’d been raised with wasn’t biologically related to him.

Brothers from Different Mothers

Two women walked into a Bogota store. One woman, Laura, though she recognized the man behind the counter as Jorge, a friend of hers from the office. Her friend, Janeth, corrected her. “Oh, no, that’s William,” Janeth said. Laura went to work the following Monday and told Jorge the story. He laughed it off, telling her that he had a brother named Carlos, but they looked nothing alike. The experience sparked something in Jorge’s mind and suggested that his life and his family was not what he thought it was.

Laura returned a month later to the grocery with a picture of Jorge. The men working that day said they could see why she was confused but chalked the experience up to coincidence.

The Big Reveal

Jorge showed Carlos, the brother he grew up with, a picture of William from the store. Jorge then showed Carlos a picture of William’s brother, Wilber, and William standing together. Wilber and Carlos looked identical, just as Jorge and William looked identical. Jorge and Carlos suspected that they were switched at birth. After several phone calls and texts to their mother, it was confirmed that both sets of twins were born at the same hospital.

Janeth arranged for William and Jorge to meet. They were open to meeting each other. Wilber, on the other hand, was apprehensive. Eventually, all four brothers agreed to meet at the town square in front of William’s butcher shop after his shift. The meeting lasted three hours, with the brothers eager to meet again.

Don’t Let It Happen to You

Even though this story of twins reuniting is heartwarming, it is also a heartbreaking reality that never should have happened. Your biological children should be the only ones you bring home from the hospital. If you’re concerned that you may have the wrong child, Test Smartly Labs can help. We proudly offer twin DNA testing so you can be 100% sure that you’re raising the right child.

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