How Does Immigration DNA Testing Work?

Immigration policies have been under a microscope lately, with political debates about immigration reform swirling and high concerns about refugee admission. Since we are an AABB-accredited lab, we know all about how biological relationships are established and confirmed during the immigration process.

Here’s how DNA testing fits into the immigration petition process:

Immigration DNA Testing

When can you get an immigration DNA test?

DNA testing is allowed during the immigration process if no credible evidence to support a biological relationship between a visa applicant and petitioner exists. Usually, applicants are required to provide a form of accepted documentation supporting their relationships, such as birth certificates or photos. However, if applicants don’t have access to this documentation, a Consular Officer will suggest that applicants get a DNA test to establish a legitimate biological relationship.

How does immigration DNA testing work?

Once it is determined that DNA testing is needed to strengthen the applicant’s case, both the petitioner and the visa applicant have to submit samples to be tested.


For the petitioner, the first step is locating an AABB accredited facility, such as Test Smartly Labs. The petitioner needs to visit the collection site and have their DNA collected by a buccal (cheek) swab. Then, the sample is tested in the accredited AABB facility following all chain of custody collections procedures to ensure accuracy and legal admissibility of the results.

Visa Applicant

For the visa applicant, the process is slightly different. The AABB-accredited lab will send the DNA test kit for the visa applicant to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country. The Embassy or Consulate will contact the visa applicant directly. The applicant will then arrange payment for the DNA test and then go to the Embassy or Consulate to have their sample collected.


Once all the necessary collections have been made, the AABB lab in the U.S. delivers results to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The applicant is then notified so that the application process can proceed.

Immigration DNA Testing Collections in Kansas City

If you are a petitioner that needs a DNA test for immigration purposes, contact Test Smartly Labs for accurate on-site DNA paternity, maternity, or kinship collections that are processed in our AABB-accredited lab.

Test Smartly Labs provides confidential and accurate DNA tests. To learn more about our DNA Testing Services, contact Test Smartly Labs today at (816) 800-9699. We have five lab locations in the greater Kansas City area!

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