Do Identical Twins Have the Same DNA?

Have you wondered if identical twins share the same DNA? These types of twins are a genetic marvel because their characteristics are exactly the same. Many people believe identical twins are the same right down to their genes.

Identical Twins and DNA

Identical twins occur when one egg is fertilized by one sperm and splits in two. For reasons that scientists cannot yet explain this results in the development of two fetuses. All babies get 23 chromosomes from both their mother and their father. For identical twins, all 46 of those chromosomes match precisely.

DNA and Crime Solving

Identical DNA is fascinating, but it can also be challenging. Twins’ identical DNA is extremely difficult to differentiate. This causes a huge problem for police and criminal investigators who rely on DNA evidence. Criminal cases over the years have been cast into doubt when it was impossible to prove which identical twin was involved in a crime and which was innocent. Jurors were skeptical of a case in 2014 because the wrong twin was charged in a murder case.

Subtle Differences

Although identical twins look eerily exact, right down to their DNA, there can be some differences caused by environmental factors. One twin may gain excessive weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle while the other twin runs marathons and stays very fit. Epigenetic factors may also play a major role.

Epigenetic Factors

As people age, the chemical makeup of their DNA changes. Changes in temperament and personality could be attributed to this chemical change. If science was able to look for these chemical alterations, then it would be possible to distinguish one twin from the other at the level of DNA. Science hasn’t made it that far yet, but once we do, those tests will mark an enormous leap in genetic discovery.

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